A New Podcast

Lookie! A new graphic! Sorry. Anyways... On Monday night, I had the privilige and honor of meeting up with two Institute Affiliates, Pete and Eva. And at that meeting we recorded a brand new podcast. And though this podcast may not draw in throngs of hits as, say, Jana Kaderabkov pics, but I think the "regulars" on this site will enjoy it none the less. In this podcast we talk about what we can expect on their respective blogs (Pete's revelation is a real shocker!), how Sharon's medical status affects the political climate across the globe, and we also get a shocking revelation about one of Eva's staffers. Did we also mention that we have a brand new logo for the podcast? Interestingly enough, the old logo was the first graphic that I ever made for TDI. But this graphic has a microphone; the other one didn't, and therefore isn't as cool.

I hope you enjoy this podcast more than we enjoyed recording it. ;)

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