By Popular Demand...

One of the fun things about adding a traffic meter is that I can do my own market research. I know the general locations of where people visit (which may impact future stories), and I know how people stumbled upon this little blog with a big heart. And many find it while searching blogs for news items, and I thank those people for clicking on. In fact, I thank almost all of you for clicking on!

But there's one sector of visitors, who make up a big chunk of my hits so far, who don't care about seeing news on this site. Or entertainment. Politics? Business? Forgettahboutit! Most people find this site when they search for "Jana Kaderabkova pics". And right now, I'm number 8 on Yahoo! when you search for that! I know, I'm flattered. (Kaderabkova stars in the R-rated, executivly-produced by Quentin Tarintino slasher thriller Hostel, which I previewed)

So, I minus well give you all something to see. I scoured the web, and I found a picture of Jana Kaderabkova for all of you. It's cropped from a publicity still of Hostel, which I kinda sorta stole from MovieWeb. Enjoy.

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