Updates on Sharon, McCloy

TDI has been continuing to follow the two biggest stories of the year (so far), the Tallmansville Miners (both a miracle and a tragedy), and Ariel Sharon's recovery from a major hemorrhagic stroke. Up first for you, an update on the miners story. 26-year-old Randal McCloy Jr. remains in a medically induced coma and is fighting a fever. Doctors say that McCloy's brain stem appears to be normal, and that a fever is common for patients in intensive care. McCloy is breathing on his own, but is connected to a ventilator as a precaution. As McCloy fights to recover, families of the twelve miners who perished in the Sago mine continued to mourn their loved ones, with funerals held on Sunday and Monday.

And over in Israel, Ariel Sharon started breathing "spontaneously" on his own. He also moved his right arm and leg in response to pain stimulation. But it will be days before doctors can determine whether he is lucid or, more importantly, if he will be able to return to his job. Surgeons said that Sharon's movement in his arm and leg is a "very important" sign that indicates that his brain stem is working. He remains hooked up to a respirator, and in a medically induced coma. Doctors plan to continue lowering the level of sedatives in his body over the next several days, and will determine more about his overall status then.

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