Judge's Choice: Next Week On "Idol"

Nothing is predictable. That's the lesson learned from Wednesday night's American Idol results show, in which rocker Chris Daughtry was sent packing. Once praised for his strong vocals, Daughtry was then often criticized by the judges for failing to sign in any other style than alternative rock. He tried, and his fanbase punished him by sending him to the bottom three. On Tuesday night, Daughtry sang two songs by Elvis, and evidentially failed to impress enough people with his vocals - and his shades. (Plus, the underwear revelation may not have helped.)

It's now down to three. One woman against two men. One California chick against two southerners. The show's themes have all been engineered to get a guy to win this year. And so far, every "American Idol" winner has been from the south. Those are incredible odds stacked against Katherine McPhee, who faces some tough competitions from Taylor Hicks and Elliot Yamin.

Next week, on May 16, the contestants get to sing three songs. The first song will be the Judge's choice. Then, the contestants will be able to choose. And finally, celebrity guest Clive Davis chooses a song for the finalist.

It's down to the wire, as America readies itself to choose who will go on to the big finale, and who will be sent home packing. And if this week's elimination of Chris Daughtry is any indication, predicting with absolute certainty who will be eliminated ahead of time is just fun and games.


RaptorNine said...
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RaptorNine said...

Good analysis. Not to pick nits, but Carrie Underwood is from Oklahoma, and I don't really consider that to be part of the "south". Southwestern or Great Plains maybe. And, three out of four Idol winners were girls, so when you look at it that way...

This is a really strong top three. I like Katharine and Taylor the most but Elliot is a good singer too. It's going to be a tough one.

(Sorry for the deleted post...I screwed something up)