What Drudge Isn't Saying About M:I:III

Matt Drudge seems to be extremely happy that Mission: Impossible 3 fell a little short of industry expectations this weekend. Right now, his main headline is "The Crash of Cruise", in reference to the $48 million that his new movie made over this weekend. If you read Drudge - and other news articles - you would get the impression that this film was one big flop.

Uh, not exactly.

First off, did Drudge look at how much the other movies made? By comparison, it looks like no one saw any other movie this weekend! Plus, in this current "slump" at the box office, $48 million for an opening weekend is pretty good. In fact, so far, Mission: Impossible 3 has had the 2nd best weekend opening this year.

But Matt Drudge won't tell you that. Because keeping things in perspective just doesn't make a good headline.


Mark said...

Drudge? With an axe to grind? Surely you jest.

Mark said...

And speaking of Drudge, what's up with the obviously Photoshopped pic of the Iranian dudes? That's not the first time he's done that, either. Freaky.