Vaughnifer, America Didn't "Break-Up"

That's right, folks. After weeks of long thought and reflection, the Delta Institute Newsblog editorial board has decided to ditch the name "Weekends at TDI." We felt that though it was published on the weekend, Weekends at TDI seemed to sound more like a weekend planner, or a weekend-long event. And since we summarize Wall Street and the box office over the weekend, the board of directors settled on the new name, The Weekend Recap. The board also voted that, if desired, this feature may include other "recaps", such as TV, music, politics, or anything else that comes to mind. (Currently, there are no such plans to include anything extra in the Weekend Recap.) But we are keeping the Weekly Stock Report! Terrifical! Please, by all means, take a look!

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's comedy, The Break-Up, managed to come in at the top of the box office for this weekend. Which proves that everyone wants to know more about a break-up, even if it's a fictional one. (Like the Vaughn-Aniston romance?) An estimated 5.9 million people went to see the film. An additional 5.4 million people went to see X-Men: The Last Stand, which pulled in an additional $34 million dollars.

Interestingly enough, for the second week in the row the tenth film didn't even crack the one-million-dollar mark.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Okay, when we said earlier that we weren't planning on adding any new features to The Weekend Recap? We may have lied a little. We're going to try out a feature for this week - and maybe next week as well - where we bring you a full recap on what we've posted on both Delta and Epsilon.

- Taylor Hicks took drugs, but thanks to an exceptionaly tardy legal system, he was able to become America's new favorite singer. (Read)
- The Delta Institute Newsblog has had over 5,000 hits since the beginning of the new year. Say, on that note, how's your New Year's resolution coming? (Read)
- Over at Epsilon, we wondered why Steve and Janna would choose May 27th to get married on. We think it may have to do with Henry Kissinger. (Read)
- We also have pictures from the wedding up as well. (Read)
- Wait a second, just who did kill acclaimed author Jules Verne? Was it Mr. Greene in the drawing room with a pipe? (Read)
- Epsilon makes an empty promise that it'll have pictures from Festival of the Arts up on the web soon. ("Soon" probably means "October at the earliest.")

And that's it for The Weekend Recap. Thanks for clicking on, and come again soon!

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