Taylor Hicks Was Almost Booted Off "Idol"

Now that the fifth season of American Idol is over, new information on Taylor Hicks past mysteriously arose. Funny how this didn't surface during the competition, no? According to this article, Idol producers were investigating Taylor Hicks past when they came across drug charges against the singer. About 8 years ago, Hicks was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana - and he even confessed to the crime - but the case was delayed two years and later dismissed for "want of prosecution." Past contestants on the talent program have been kicked off for criminal misconduct. Because the charges were dismissed, the producers allowed Taylor to advance to the finals, where he wound up winning the competition.

And now that he's won American Idol, Taylor Hicks is now calling himself "Tay Tay", according to the New York Post. (Note to Taylor: Lose the nickname. "Tay Tay" sounds like a pokemon, or a fish.)

Hicks also says that he's been grooming himself "for the spotlight for 10 years now," so he feels pretty confident when performing. When asked about Simon Cowell comparing Hicks performance to that of a drunk dad at a wedding, Taylor said that it "got under my skin. But I am the American Idol, so ha, ha, ha." Taylor separately
mentioned on CNN's Larry King Live that he expects to have a CD out in five to six months. (As an aside, Kat McPhee is not a scientologist. Phew!)

But what will be on that CD? And will it be well received? That's what the AP is wondering. According to Clive Davis, the world of making records is a "totally different world," and that the very things that made Hicks so popular on TV might be a hard sell in the pop world. (Think season two's winner, Ruben.) Grammy-winning producer John Shanks has a different take. "It comes down to the song, and it's how you produce that song. As long as you're showcasing his voice, you have something that people can connect to, that's gonna work."

Taylor Hicks first single on a major record label, "Do I Make You Proud", will be available in stores on June 13.

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