The X-Men Conquer the Box Office

And now, the exciting conclusion to Weekends at TDI! By now, I'm sure you've heard that "X-Men: The Last Stand" had the second-best opening in cinema history. The film brought in an astonishing $120 million in it's 4-day inagural weekend. Divide that number by $6.41, the average price of a movie ticket, and you had over 18 million tickets sold for the action thriller. In total, over 33.3 million tickets were sold for the top five films this holiday weekend. But after the top five, well, not many people saw anything else. An American Haunting, which came in at number ten, didn't even crack the one million mark.

X-Men: The Last Stand is the highest-grossing film to ever be released in May, and the 4-largest overall weekend opener for all of cinema history.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

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