Weekends at TDI: Ice Age 2 Wins Race

Welcome back to Weekends at TDI, your colorful look at a whole bunch of numbers that you won't remember by the time you leave this site. Yes, it's that fascinating. We begin by telling you how the three major American stock markets did this week. Were they up, or were the down? Sometimes, the markets will actually just stay sideways from week to week. After we've given you that info, we'll go to the main attraction: the box office results scoreboard.

This weekend, families and animation lovers came out in full force to see the prehistoric comedy, Ice Age 2. According to early estimates posted at Box Office Mojo, the film took in over $70 million during the film's opening weekend. I'm not positive, but I think that this is the first actual box office success story of 2006. Last week's #1 film, Inside Man, dropped down to a very distant second place, followed by ATL in third. Any films that came in fourth place or below minus well not exist, as far as studios are concerned; everyone made below $10 million this weekend. (I think that it's a sign not to underestimate Queen Latifah as a wooly mammoth.)

(source: Box Office Mojo)

And that's all we have for Weekends at TDI this week. Join us again next weekend to find out how Lucky Number Slevin, The Benchwarmers, Take the Lead, and Phat Girlz perform at the Box Office!

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