P.S.A.: Lost is "extended"

This upcoming Wednesday, April 5, the Hurley-centric episode of ABC's "Lost" will run an extra 5 minutes in length, running from 9:00 to 10:05 pm. Set your TiVo's and VCR's accordingly. And if you want to tape something at 10 pm in your TiVo? You'll just have to miss the first five minutes. ^_^

EDIT: ^_^ :) ^_^ :) ^_^ :) ^_^ :)


James w. Lanning said...

You broke J. Dub's Weblogging Rule #9: Never put smiley-faces or other emoticons in your posts.

John Jurries said...

So it's going to be 65 minutes for nothing to happen instead of 60. Great.