Weekends at TDI Returns!

It's time for us to put up some flashy graphics with deep, rich colors to entertain you for a minute or two. First, we tweaked our stock report somewhat. Just a word of warning: this may not be the final product. Then, it's a very lackluster weekend at the box office. No movie made much money whatsoever. The studios are looking exceedingly forward to summer, no doubt, when people actually go out to see movies.

Using NATO's average movie ticket price of $6.21, "only" about 12,576,489 people went to the movies this weekend. Compared that to an estimated American population of
295,734,134! That's what, 283 million+ Americans who stayed home this weekend? At this rate, only a Superman could save the box office! Enjoy the Weekends at TDI reports!

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