Site Announcement

There were a few dead links on the sidebar, so I went through and updated everything. (I try to bring everything up to code every month or two.) So everything's up to code. I added a "Cable News Race" section, for those interested in getting news and opinion on the cable news wars. And I'm slowly working on getting the TDI Story Tracker into shape... There's some HTML bug towards the bottom that sends my chosen fonts into internet limbo. Hopefully, I'll be able to resolve that soon enough, and add a few cities and/or countries in the meantime. (I already added Los Angeles)

For those who have never utilized the story tracker, it's a great way to get some news and to search for stories. For lots of categories, I'll have a link called like a "Hurricane NewsSearch" or a "Tornado NewsSearch." Clicking on those links will automatically bring you to search results from Yahoo! News for that topic. The Story Tracker helps take some of the guess work out of finding news stories! (And it helps the director of this site when updating on other stories as well!)

Finally, I brought the Special Features Archive up-to-date. I noticed that I forgot to add a few podcasts into the directory. That's all from the web devision of the Institute for now!

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