Weekends at TDI: March 19-20, 2006

Welcome to another installment of Weekends at TDI, our weekly feature where we give you a look at how the stock market performed during the past week. Plus we bring you our box office scoreboard!

Say hello to the final re-design of the Weekly Stock Report, formarly known as Stocks 7/52. It's a little bit small, and we've done away with the flashy header, in favor of a more conservative, more refined look. We've also added the date to the image itself, which is something that was not done previously for the market report. The Dow Jones closed at it's highest level since 2001, at an astonishing 12,279 points. The Nasdaq and the S&P also saw signifigant gains, closing out the week ahead.

(source: Yahoo! Finance)

Americans flocked to see the latest movie from the people who brought us every single thing related to The Matrix, called V for Vendetta. Clearly, Americans don't remember The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Enter the Matrix, The Path of Neo, or The Animatrix. Else, they may have thought twice. However, dispite the Wachowski brothers helmding the movie, it opened to mostly welcoming reviews. The futuristic movie deals with Natalie Portman (Who goes bald, because.) and a grown-up Hamburgler striking revenge against a tyrannical British government who, according to the commercials, love their big screen televisions. An estimated 4.2 million Americans saw this film, making it the #1 movie for this weekend.

The "modern retelling" of Shakespeare's Twelvth Night, She's the Man, opened to very warm reviews for lead actress Amanda Bynes, but the film itself recieved lukewarm to tepid reviews. And either every teeny bopper in the nation was sick, or America listened; the film opened in fourth place, with only an estimated 1.8 million americans watching the movie, pulling in just over $11 million. The plot deals a young lady posing as her twin brother at an elite school, and all sorts of hillarious gender and bodily jokes ensue. Hillarious!

(source: BoxOfficeMojo)

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