Cyclone devastates Australia

Australia's Queensland coast is reeling after Cyclone Larry hit land as a strong category five storm, packing winds of 180 mph. 30 people were reported to have suffered minor injuries in the storm, but thankfully, no deaths are being blamed on the storm. The storm left hundreds of homes are damaged, power lines toppled, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. Australian Prime Minister John Howard has pledged quick aid for those left homeless or powerless by the country's worst storm in three decades.

Cyclone Harry destroyed or damaged half the homes in Innisfail, a coastal farming town of 8,500 and destroyed most of this season's banana and sugar cane crops. Banana and sugar canes are a mainstay of the regions economy, next to tourism. (source)

For more information on Cyclone Larry, please use the Delta Institute Newsblog story tracker provided below.

EDIT: Cyclone Harry should read "Cyclone Larry". Thanks to "anonymous" for pointing this out. If only there were a common-sense check, in addition to a spell check....


Anonymous said...

Larry AND Harry?

ms wei said...

i thought our relief effort was brilliant... and we even had time to chuck another snag on the barbie!