Songs and Maps; A TV Supplement

This week, Lisa Tucker was sent packing on FOX's American Idol after singing a song that, in Simon Cowell's words, was "too big for her voice." In fact, Tuesday night was spent largely criticizing the contestants for picking really weird, cruddy songs for their voices. I mean, Creed? So just how to the contestants chose their songs to sign on the big stage? MTV has a nice, in-depth look at the process. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Our second and final edition for now concerns ABC's hit drama, Lost. On Wednesday night's program, during the height of the lockdown episode, a mysterious image appeared on one of the blast doors, full of strange markings and writings, complete with a large question mark in the middle.

Well, somebody has gotten hold of a hi-resolution image of that strange map, and has taken the liberty of translating the strange markings. You can view that image by clicking here. In case you've forgotten, the hatch is also known as Dharma station "The Swan". You can also view the map that "Henry Gale" gave the Losties, and see if you can match anything up. This map doesn't really clear things up right now, but with an upcoming episode being titled "?", we should hopefully get something resembling an answer really soon. Fingers crossed!

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