Court puts Moussaoui trial exhibits online

Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker in the September 11, 2001 attacks, was on trial for two months. And in those two months, the prosecution and defense submitted 1,202 items for exhibit. And now, the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia has released all of the exhibits to the public on their website. According to ABC, this is the first criminal case for which a federal court has provided access to "all" exhibits online.

In the documents available online, you can watch video clips, telephone and 911 phone calls and pictures presented before the jury. Some of the pictures are gruesome to look at, as they show body parts being recovered following the September 11th attacks. In also includes memos and information from the FBI, CIA and NSA concerning Moussaoui and other hijackers.

Now, this isn't "all" of the exhibits... There are still some classified reports shown to the jury, plus some videotapes dispositions of Moussaoui's roommate Hussein Al Attas and Faiz Bafana, a senior Jemmah Islamiyah member who discussed Moussaoui's dreams to fly a plane into the White House. Those tapes are viewed as witness testimony and will not be released at this time. (Read the full article)

Click here to view the exhibits on the court's website. (Viewer/listener discretion is strongly advised.)

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