Next Week on American Idol

Next week, on FOX's American Idol, the contestants will fly down to Graceland, where they'll meet Prisceilla Presley, who will show them through the house of Elvis. Celebrity vocal coach will be Tommy Mottola, who will help the contestants as they prepare to sing two Elvis songs each.

Also, starting next week, will offer downloads of Tuesday's performances for the consumer. Audio clips will sell for $0.99, while video will sell for $1.99. (We predict that Taylor Hicks will mainly sell videos.)

And if you were wondering if the finalist get paid for being in Hollywood for months and months, they do. According to Executive Producer for American Idol, Ken Warwick, the contestants get paid a standard AFSTRA weekly fee for being on the show. In addition, no finalist can release an album until three months after the winner's album comes out. However, they can do other things, like star in really bad movies. But all with FOX's permission.

In closing, here are some tidbits from this article from the Charlotte Observer: All constestants had roommates in the same Hollywood hotel, where they have nightly curfews. Kellie Pickler bunked with Kat McPhee, and Chris Daughtry bunked with Ace Young. (Oh, and "Ace" isn't really Young's first name... It's Brett.) The contestants all go out for dinner after the show. And the eliminated singer? Remains in Hollywood for about a week, to do some PR stunts.

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