Weekends at TDI: Scaring Up a Hit

Welcome to a brand new edition of Weekends at TDI! To celebrate this happy occasion, we've even rolled out a cleaner, bolder header. Cool, eh? We thought so. The stock markets aren't having a great April so far. Since the beginning of the trading month, the Dow Jones has lost 302.25 points. The Nasdaq and S&P have been down for the month as well, but only marginally. TDI will let you know if the Dow Jones dip below the 11,000 mark. Right now, here's your weekly stock report.

(source: Yahoo! Finance)

The Box Office is enjoying a slight increase in overall sales, as movie companies start to roll out more "marketable" films. The satrical Scary Movie 4 scared up enough laughs to land up as the #1 movie in the nation. The family flick Ice Age 2 fell down to second place. The Benchwarmers, for some unexplained reason, came in at number three. As an aside,
Scary Movie 4 is the most succesful movie in the "Scary Movie" franchise to be released in 2006.

(source: BoxOfficeMojo)

And that's all we have for this installment of Weekends at TDI. Sorry it wasn't more exciting, but with a bad week on Wall Street, coupled with an underwhelming week at the Box Office, there's just not much you can do to spice it up. Hopefully, we'll have something more exiciting to look forward to next week, when American Dreamz, The Sentinel, and Silent Hill open at the box office. Thanks for clicking on, and come back soon!

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