Our Secret: I'm Available

For over a week, we've been teasing that we have some big news to share with all of you. And we're not kidding around, this could be something big, and something really cool for all of us.

If you keep up with technology news at all (I only "dabble", as it were.), a few weeks ago there was some press about this blog service called BlogBurst. This service takes blogs that make it past their editorial board and makes their RSS feeds available to some big online news sites, for possible publishing. In other words, BlogBurst makes lots of blogs available to news sites for publishing. Some of the sites that are currently signed up are Gannett, the Houston Chronicle, the Washington Post, and SF Gate.com. Folks, those are some big names in online news sites. This isn't some silly little network; this is serious stuff.

And my twin Institutes, Delta and Epsilon? They both cleared BlogBurst's editorial review a few weeks ago. So that means, in theory, that any site participating in the BlogBurst network could pick up one of my post, and run it on their website, giving credit to me.

Now, we don't think the Washington Post would want to copy-and-paste our podcasts at all, so more light-hearted stuff like that we can continue to do, without fear of really embarrassing ourselves. But a more serious post, like about the danger of riding a scooter without shin guards? That could, theoretically, get picked up.

To recap, I'm now on a syndication network. Now, I don't know if any of my post could live up to the expectations they must have for this site, but I'll let you know if anybody picks up any post or editorial from my Institutes. That's the final step from calling myself a "Syndicated Blogger", which would look awfully impressive on a future resume.

Well, I should get back to preparing future post, and coming up with ideas for my new opinion column. Until the next update, have a great day.


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Hey, thanks! I don't know if they'll actually use any of my posts at all, but it's a nice thought! :)