*NEW* Americans Vote "Dreamz" to 8th Place

Welcome back to an all new installment of Weekends at TDI, published for the weekend ending Sunday, April 23. This weekend, Americans spent more money investing in the stock market than they did seeing movies. The Dow Jones closed ahead by 200 points, which begins to make up for the freefall it's been in for the past couple of weeks. The NASDAQ continues it's very lackluster, sideways year, closing ahead just 4 points. The S&P saw pretty good gains for the week, taking in just over 22 points.

(source: Yahoo! Finance)

This weekend was for the geeks. First, the film adaption of the horror video-game Silent Hill came in first place, taking in over $20 million. Lat weeks' number one film, Scary Movie 4, slid down to second place, still scaring up enough laughs to pull in $17 million. Fellow satirical film American Dreamz debuted in an unimpressive eight place. Then, the 24/The Fugitive hybrid known as The Sentinel, starring Keifer Sutherland and Eva Longoria, came in third place with just under $15 million.

(source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Next weekend, the following films open up at your local cineplex: Akeelah and the Bee, R.V., Stick It, and the controversial United 93. Made as a tribute to the people on-board Flight 93, this film as come under attack for being another insensitive piece of Hollywood extortion. Where does the movie-going public fall on this issue? Find out next week, when Weekends at TDI returns!

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