Weekends at TDI: March 10/11, 2006

Welcome to another installment of "Weekends at TDI." This week, we've tweaked our stock report once again. But this time, we're almost satisfied with how it looks. The header looks a little too bold for it's own good, but we decided it was still good enough to meet the publication deadline. Everything else has been tweaked slightly, from the font sizes to the fake shadows. We were even able to trim the whole canvas by 25 pixels! We hope that everything is a bit more readable now than it was before.

If you didn't notice before, another thing that The Delta Institute Newsblog has done to the stock report is changing the color of one item's box, depending on if it was a good week or a bad week for that market. All markets with a plus sign get a blue box, all markets with a minus sign get red. Simple enough, right? We thought so.

(Source: Yahoo! Finance)

It was a slow week at the box office, but headliners Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessia Parker were able to pull in eyeballs to see them in the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch. Tim Allen somehow got an audience for his remake of Disney's The Shaggy Dog, while the remake of the horror classic The Hills Have Eyes pulled in enough money to close out the weekend at number three.

(Source: BoxOfficeMojo)

Is there anything you want to see added to Weekends at TDI? Let us know by dropping off an e-mail! We'll be taking all suggestions into consideration, as we muse over launching a third part of our popular weekend segment.

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