Weekends at TDI: 3/26/06

Welcome to another installment of Weekends at TDI, our graphic-heavy look at a whole bunch of numbers that nobody really cares about. In stock news, the Dow Jones closed the week at virtually the same level it closed at last week, as nervous investors wait to see what new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke will announce this upcoming week at the Fed's 2 two-day rate-setting meeting, which starts on Monday. The Nasdaq took clear gains this week, closing above 2,300 points. The S&P was off marginally, losing only 4 points.

V for Victory? Well, sure, but only if you count a distant second place as a victory. The number one movie in the nation this weekend is Inside Man, starring a whole bunch of Oscar winners/nominees, including Denzel Washington and Jodi Foster. Using TDI's amazing calculator, an estimated 4,664,895 people saw the bank heist film. But that other flick, the one about a man trying to beat the tyrannical system and bring down the Matrix, er, London, still stayed strong, bringing in $12 million dollars. The video-game horror film Stay Alive opened in third place, pulling in $11.2 million dollars.
(source: BoxOfficeMojo)

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