Proved: $10,000 Bill Exist

We all know that Abraham Lincoln appears on the $5 bill, and that George Washington graces the one dollar bill. But do you know who appears on the $10,000 bill? Now that's the million dollar question!

Before you start writing in angry comments to us, the $10,000 bill does exist. There were only 15 of them made and approved by the US Treasury. The rare bills show the likeness of Salmon P. Chase, for whom Chase Bank was named after. Salmon P. Chase, a US Senator, served as treasury secretary under President Lincoln.
One of these $10,000 bills is being moved from a vault at a Chase Bank branch in Green Bay to the banks corporate archives in New York for safe keeping. So next time you hear someone trying to recall everyone who appears on American currency, throw them for a loop by asking them who appears on the $10,000 bill! (source)

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Nate said...

Can we right click and print on these and then use the bill at Delta Souvenier Shop?