Slow Weekend at the Movies

The early months of the year are historically known as the slumps for movie-goers, as studios try to dump their least impressive movies off on the masses. And this year is no exception. This weekend, the top ten movies only grossed an estimated $76.2 million. That's a great summer opening for one movie!

Notes of interest from this week's scoreboard: "Brokeback Mountain" continues to climb up the charts, this week ranking in at number 4. The critically acclaimed "Walk the Line" continues to live on at the movies, with a life perhaps extended by Reese Witherspoon continually winning awards for her role as June Carter. And finally, we should note the departure of a top 10 juggernaut; "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". According to BoxOffice Mojo (which is were we get our numbers from), the first Narnia film has so far pulled in over $281 million since it's release.

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