Mines Asked To Cease Operations

West Virginian Governor Joe Manchin is asking all coal companies in the state to cease operations until safety checks can be completed. This comes in the wake of two mining-related deaths in W. Virginia. Each happened in separate incidents in the southwestern part of the state. One as killed underground when a wall support popped loose. The other was a bulldozer operator at a surface mine when the vehicle struck a gas line and sparked a fire. Since January 2, 2005, there have been 16 mining-related deaths in West Virginia, including the Sago mine tragedy. (source)

Admittingly, since this semester started, TDI has really been slacking, in terms of promising to keep you up-to-date on the status of Randal McCloy, Jr., the sole survivor of the mine. Well, since our last update, Mr. McCloy has woken up from his light coma. When offered food, he can swallow it. He is reported to be especially responsive to his wife, Anna, to whom he leaned forward to kiss. Doctors say that during a physical therapy session, with a "great deal of assistance," McCloy was able to stand for the first time in three weeks. He has been transferred from a hospital to a rehab facility. He still is unable to speak.

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