From the White House: Don't Spoil "24"

I love this story... It's been openly acknowledged that just about everybody in the White House loves to watch the real-time drama. But apparently, staffers are now asked to not talk about the latest episode for a week, until the next one airs. The reason? With the wonky working hours, many 24 fans TiVo the show for the weekend. And if people talk about the latest twists and turns in the office, well, then the episode is just plain ruined! (via TVTattle)

In other 24-related news and articles... looks at TV's current presidents: The West Wing's Josh Barlett, Commander in Chief's MacKenzie Allen, and 24's Charles Logan. (Logan is the Nixon look-alike pictured to the left) The West Wing is ending in may, and with the way ratings have declined, Allen may not be elected to a second season. Meaning? Our only TV President will be the wimpy Logan. Scary.

In another article found on the web, Keifer Sutherland suggested that since he and his co-stars make so many hilarious blunders while filming, that they should make an Airplane-style spoof of the series. Either that, or a musical, he jokes. Personally, I don't see why it couldn't be both!

And if you want to find out if Martha Logan dies next week or not, you can read this article on actress
Jean Smart, and put 2 and 2 together. She also talks about parallels to her character and Martha Mitchell. Which is funny, since Jean Smart plays the First Lady of the Nixon look-alike.

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