The New Nickel

The most under-valued, unappreciated coin in modern American society has gotten itself a face lift. And it looks fabulous! Seriously though, the re-designed nickel looks really good. Recently unveiled by the U.S. National Mint, this new nickel ends a 100-year tradition of having a simple profile shot of former U.S. Presidents on the coins. Now, Jefferson is looking right at you, with the word "Liberty" at his side, written in his own handwriting. The phrase "In God We Trust" remains in place on the coin.

The flipside of the coin also shows a clearer image of Monticello, Jefferson's Virginia home. Jefferson and Monticello had been on the nickel without change for 66 years, until 2004. That's when the "Westward Journey Nickel Series" started, to commemorate Lewis & Clark. The new Jefferson nickel, which will show up everywhere in a few weeks, is the last planned change to the nickel for now.

But it's not just the nickel getting a much-needed facelift... In 2009, you can expect a facelift for the American penny. Reports say that Lincoln will still keep his profile shot for the front. But the flipside will have various images of Lincoln's life, instead of the Memorial building.

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