Mr. & Mrs. Smith: The Series

The director of the 2005 popcorn flick Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Doug Liman, told US Weekly that he is working to translate the film into a television series. The action-comedy will most likely wind up on NBC, which has a "first look deal" with Liman and writer Simon Kinberg. Simon Kinberg had "originally conceived 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' as a TV show, not as a movie," said Liman. But will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reprise their roles as the title characters? Naw. Instead, Liman says a nationwide search will be launched to find people to play the roles. (source)

And what does TDI think of this? I enjoyed the movie alot, but the one thing it lacked after about 20 minutes was a plot. Seriously. It was one of my favorite movies of 2005, but they'll need a plot for it to work on television. But really, if they got Mr. & Mrs. Smith to hook up with some independent spy agency, it could be like a light-hearted Alias. And since Alias is ending it's run in May, the serial spy drama shoe WILL need to be filled... We're hopeful that this will work out, but then again, we were also hopefully about My Big Fat Greek Life. Opah!

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