The Delta Institute NEWSBLOG?

Yes, folks, I've added on a extra word to the site's title. We are now the site affectionately known as The Delta Institute Newsblog. It's a minor change, but one that will help us in the long run, legally. You see, if you do a search for The Delta Institute, you'll come across a few organizations that not only call themselves "The Delta Institute", they've copyrighted the name.

And instead of changing the blog's url to, I thought it would just be easier to tack on the "Newsblog" to the title. In the future, when the Delta eStore opens up, we can't really be selling a copyrighted name that we don't hold the copyrights to. No one has a Epsilon Institute, so that merchandise will be fine. But TDI merchandise will have to say "The Delta Institute Newsblog".

Plus, this blog has evolved to the point where it is pretty much a selective news/entertainment wire, with sporadic choice commentary by yours truely. I probably should give commentary more often, just to make things more interesting around here.

But in the end, adding "Newsblog" is more of a legality, really. I'm just saving myself a hypothetical legal headache years from now. The main Delta Institute could rightfully sue me for making money off of their copyrighted name, and they didn't see any income. And folks, I couldn't really win that case.

As an aside, if you do a search on Yahoo! for The Delta Institute, we now come up at number FOUR. We used to be, like, number 47! We still need to work on Google, however... We're not even on the first ten pages!

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